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It really feels like summer’s come early here. Not sure if I should be thrilled or concerned. I guess I am both. The weather patterns are all over the place, around the world.

1 – Signs of a warmer season. I live for this season of less.

2 – Planting a little bit, all the time.

3 – Mates. They were running across the drive like this.

4 – Packing the basket, bound for the lake.

5 – Blueberries are filling in.

6 – Camouflaged in red in a riot of color. Sweetest and hardest working guy I know ♥

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! We spent as much time as possible outside, gardening, working in the yard, eating meals, observing the changes around us. There is so much activity with the birds now raising their young and the deer getting ready for the arrival of baby fawns. There is new life emerging on every level! There is a little deer that’s been hanging close by the past few days. I often find it tucked in a corner near the garden, and it seems to feel comfortable near me while I work. We are thinking it may be recently orphaned. We saw an all day battle between a crow and a mother robin. The crow hunted and killed one of her babies, and then stalked the nest all day. Mamas are fierce though and the defense was ongoing and intense. My life can feel so easy when I see the raw reality of the life of an animal, where it is all about survival.

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  1. Deni

    It was 67 degrees here in NC today. A cold front has settled in for a few days, and we had to wear light jackets for our morning coffee outside. Our blueberries are turning purple, Peonies are blooming and the calendula is about 2″ tall now 🙂 I love pictures of your home! What are the colorful trees/shrubs behind your sweet guy?

    • abby

      Hey Deni! Yes, unusual weather everywhere! My calendula never did germinate (?) so I ended up planting leeks in their place. Fun to hear yours are growing up. Those colorful bushes are Rhododendrons. They are native to our area and are in their prime right now. The forested roads are all lined with pink blooms. I still am amazed by them every year! We actually just had our annual “Rohodendron Days” in town this weekend – a big festival with a carnival, lots of live music, food carts, an old car show, a parade, a rhody flower show… It’s the biggest event this little town has all year.

  2. Deni

    I was thinking Rhododendrons, but I have never seen them that big. They are gorgeous! That sounds like lots of fun, we have something similar in our area, called the “Crape Myrtle Festival”. You live in such a beautiful state, I dream of visiting some day 🙂

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