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where I share some of what I’ve been making each week, and invite you to do the same…

It’s been a long while since I’ve made any kind of clothing for myself so this was pretty fun.




I sort of winged it here, using a skirt of a similar style I have as a reference. The drape (or lack of drape?) is a little bit boxier than I hoped, and the buttons aren’t spaced right but I’m pretty happy with it! The top 2 buttons are functional, with button holes, and the bottom 2 are sewn on through both plackets, so I can fix the spacing by moving the bottom button down a little. I’m hoping the corduroy will soften up after a few wears and washes, which should lessen the boxy feeling.

I think my favorite detail is the secret striped lining in the pockets.


Have a great weekend all! Make something fun for yourself!

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