Knitting…. with bamboo and wool

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I have been wanting to learn to knit again for months, and just could not justify the seeming time involved, with all the other things I have going on. Well, I FINALLY said to HECK with that whole concept of “not enough time”- I just want want to learn to knit : ) I have learned to knit in the past… twice… and never stuck to it long enough to where it became natural. I feel I am different than I used to be. infusion has changed me. My focus is longer and deeper, and my ability to pick up new skills is sharper and swifter.

I bought a simple book on the knitting basics yesterday, and looked it over briefly before going to bed. Today I dug out my wool yarn, tracked down my bamboo knitting needles, sat down comfortably with book at my side, and within 20 minutes I was back on track. I am excited to assemble this into my morning routine. Mornings are a slow and quiet time for me. I often try to force myself to get my sewing orders done earlier than I am ready. I am a NIGHT worker. So why press my mornings? Right?

Excitedly knitting anew : ) …..

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  1. anlibrarian

    How wonderful. out! it is totally addictive. There are many lovely how to videos on utube for all sort of knitting techniques. If you really take to knitting check out (a kind of facebook for knitters-we share patterns, advice etc etc–its a fabulous tool).

    Athena (athnaz on

  2. infusionfibers

    Athena! What a nice surprise.
    Thank you for the link. ooh, I am wondering if I should be afraid to join!

  3. anlibrarian

    Don’t be afraid (other than it being very, very addictive)– there are many beginners using it as well. I don’t know what I did without it. Cheers!

  4. infusionfibers

    The addictive part was the part I might be afraid of! Really though, I feel like am taking quite well to knitting. I did check out some youtube videos this morning – thank you for the tip. I learned how to tink, and it was nice just to watch the way an experienced knitter holds the needles and the working yarn. I was feeling sort of awkward until now.

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