it’s april !

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Happy Easter to those of you celebrate!

We are having a little hit of winter here again.  I don’t think there were too many outdoor egg hunts happening in our little town this morning.

We had a stack of fence posts delivered yesterday, for the deer fence we will build around our little garden. We have always had deer come through our yard, but in the last couple of weeks herds of deer (as many as 12 at a time) have been coming through, and they get all feisty, right where we have planned our new vegetable garden. They wouldn’t even have to eat a thing and our potential harvest would have already been devastated! We like having them around and all, but there’s plenty to eat in other parts of the yard.

I have also been fantasizing a bit about having a couple of hens here, and am thinking about purchasing this book, recommended by Molly, who has her own brood of happy hens and chicks. We’ll see though. There are 2 of us living here here, and only 1 of us seems to be enthused about this idea so far.

Thanks for a kick butt sale last week!! (and sorry if that staled blog post caused anyone any confusion, considering the sale ended a week ago).

*  Enjoy the day!

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  1. Amy

    Hi! I’ve heard that they can be messy creatures, so be in the mindset of “I don’t mind the maintainence” and work out a system to keep it under control and you should be just fine! I have a great dane, which is like having an indoor hourse!

  2. margie oomen

    oh yes abby I can so see you with the most beautiful chickens
    if we didn’t have bylaws I would turn my shed into a chicken coop quicker than one can fry an egg.

  3. Lawrence

    “Have you guys tried havahart’s deer off repellent? I use this spray to take the place of a deer fence. It repels by using a bad, irritating taste and a nasty smell. Other brands only target one sense. I can’t smell it though once it dries.
    Here’s the repellent I use:

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