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Another new tote, available here, in Indigo Hemp/Organic cotton denim and indigo ticking stripe. Tough morning for photographs. It is gray and super rainy. So so so much rain! I hope my little garden starts are okay with all this rain. Peas are coming up and radishes too. Do beans usually take a while to sprout? This is my first year growing beans and it seems like they are taking forever to appear.

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  1. Gia

    I have been a long time fan of your bags. They are SO BEAUTIFUL! I stumbled across this blog this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes… you’ve been knocked off! Their bag is exactly like this one and I just had to tell you because it makes me so sad to see craftspeople knocking each other off.

    Keep up the good work. Your bags are nicer than theirs anyway đŸ™‚

    Here’s a link to the blog :

  2. Lissa Snapp

    Hello HEllo, came across your blog this morning and discovered your beautiful bags! They are truly beautiful a huge inspiration. I love the simplicity of them and our use of Organic fabrics! I began creating rucksacks a few years ago but am new to the internet world and selling online. Wonderful to find your blog and see your success. Beautiful work!

    heres a link to my blog, just started yesterday..

    have a wonderful day!

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