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I had wanted to make some envelopes around Christmas time, to give to friends and family, but I never got around to it. It was not long after, that Julia posted about some envelopes she had made from old magazines, which was excellent inspiration and I really loved how hers turned out. She even posted a tutorial here. A couple weeks ago I was cleaning out our magazine basket in the bathroom and finally gave it a go. I didn’t use any templates, just chose some colors/images/type that appealed to my eye, and got started. They are all different sizes and shape, and I found it’s fun to have a varied selection, as sometimes you just want to include a small note and other times a longer letter…

Pictured is the first of several batches I made (these were made from a toast catalog), and the only batch I rememembered to photograph. I constructed some with a glue stick and others with machine stitching. The flap took all different shapes, and I also found I liked the look of a rough torn edge. Before sending them off with orders, I closed the flap with a piece of washi paper tape. Simple as can be and a great, fun way to re-use magazines and catalogs that you are finished with!

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  1. margie oomen

    great reminder that I don’t need to buy envelopes just sew some as needed.
    now if anyone know a good resource for eco labels we might even make these post ready.

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