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This week I started a batch of Natalie’s lavender skin toner. Witch Hazel, the base of this toner, is something I hadn’t had around since I was a little girl with the chicken pox, and my dad gave me cool witch hazel baths. The smell is still a comfort. Since having it on hand this week, I’ve been enjoying using it as a skin toner on it’s own while I wait for my lavender batch to be ready. After the first night applying it (with a little swatch of toilet paper), I realized I needed a non-disposable solution, and here is what I came up with.

These little wipes are quick and easy to make, easy to wash by hand or machine, economical, and best of all – ecologically smart.




I used a hemp/organic cotton fleece for one side, and unbleached cotton muslin for the other. I cut 3″ x 3″ squares of each, laying one on top of the other with right sides facing. Sew them together, leaving a hole in one edge to turn. Clip your corners, turn right side out, press, and top-stitch. The fleece is soft and absorbent and the muslin side provides a gentle scrubbing quality.

I am making a little goal for myself to try to do at least one project for our home each week. It’s so rewarding – even something so small as this – and I don’t make things for us nearly enough these days. I will share my projects on the blog as I go. I’m excited about this!


Edit: I thought I would add a couple things… These pads could be made with any fabric you like and they require very little material. Ideas: cut up an old washcloth, an old cotton t-shirt, a worn out pillow case, what ever you have on hand that feels appropriate for facial application. And if you use natural fibers, your pads will bio-degrade when their useful life is done. You can toss them right in with your compost.

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  1. knitty34

    Hmmm, I wonder if these would work for my makeup remover or if they would get to worn/stained…. Might have to make a couple to find out!

    • abby

      I think they would work great for makeup removal. If you don’t want to see stains, you could use darker colored fabrics. And once they are worn out, if you use natural fibers, they can be tossed in the compost.

  2. birchbarksoap

    Oh, Abby! I love, love, love, love this! Especially the two-sided part. Washcloths are too large and you have to keep dedicated ones, anyway. If I can find some tiny pieces to buy in our little town, I’ll be making these, too. Thanks for the idea!

    • abby

      Sheri, you could use some scraps from most any kind of fabric item – an old t-shirt, an old wash cloth, an old sheet, etc. The great thing is, this project takes very little materials. A thrift store might be a great place to look, if you don’t have anything laying around at home. Have fun!

    • abby

      Rose is a great idea. My skin tends to be dryer this time of year also, and I was thinking about trying some other herbs. I hadn’t thought of rose.

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