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There is a little piece on infusion in the May issue of Country Living Magazine. Our copy arrived in the box a couple days ago and it has been trickling throughout the states since the weekend I think. I must say, Country Living has such a friendly reader base. I have been receiving the nicest emails from complete strangers who have read this column, writing with simple words of kindness and appreciation. Thanks Country Living, and thank you sweet people!

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  1. natalie

    you know what! i saw this on the news stand & almost purchased it! i might have wet my pants if i saw you in the magazine without warning! so proud of you, abby!!!

  2. Camille

    That’s AWESOME, Abby! I hope everything goes smoothly and you get lots of business out from the exposure (but not too much). Good luck with everything.

  3. Deni

    Congratulations Abbey! I got so excited when I saw you in my magazine. You looked so lovely and you deserve the recognition!!!

  4. Deni

    Congrats Abby! Sorry for the typo of your name, my fingers got carried away : )

  5. Ellie - Petalplum

    What a beautiful photo of you. Mind you, all the photos of you are beautiful! Yah to you for the much much much deserved (print) recognition. Here’s to the perfect amount of new orders / customers!

  6. gatheredandsown

    I am one of those readers…I love LOVE country living, and dogeared your page so I could check out your site! Love your bags. I just spent way too much time perusing your things, now I have to work! Keep up the great work!!!

  7. Kristin

    Wow!!! I can’t wait for it to hit shelves here. You deserve every bit of high profile recognition you’re getting for all of your beautiful designs and hard work!

  8. Zila

    Hi Abby, I saw you on the mag too. Congratulations! All the best for you. Your work is really great and it is very inspiring to see it.

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  10. liane

    nice abby! so happy to see this. also wishing you that balance you are looking for. you are a wise woman and an inspiration. xx

  11. margie

    so excited for you abby!
    and what an absolute darling photograph of you
    but then over the years I have never seen you take a bad photo.
    You are gorgeous.

  12. Tam

    I read about you on a long flight back from London. I sell screen printed IPad bags on Etsy and this really inspired me! Thank you!

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