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… the Rucksack in Hemp and Dark Olive.

I’ve got a new hemp in, sourced specifically for the purpose of rucksacks, and it’s even more beautiful than I’d hoped. Feels and looks like the most amazing thick, heavy linen – but of course it’s hemp! Mmm, and the smell. I love the smell of hemp. Sort of sweet, grassy, clean. There will be a reappearance of more hemp items in the shop this year. In the earlier days of infusion, hemp was more of a focus, and I want to bring that back.

I have photographed the 2-tone version shown here, and I plan to make one up in pure hemp as well (oh and there are even more rucksack options coming too). It might be a little while , so I am open to requests in the meantime. It’s been pretty darn busy in these parts. A huge thank you to everyone who has placed an order recently!

Be back soon. xo



P.S. The giveaway closes tomorrow night, so if you’d like to enter make sure to get on over there.



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  1. kristinachew

    love this. I’ve really liked the shape and size of your rucksacks and the hemp sounds fabulous. I spent forever eyeing the first version of the rucksack (in gray cord) you posted until someone else bought it. Might it be possible to know what the other rucksack options are?

    thank you for your lovely work!

  2. Valerie

    so perfect Abby !
    I had my recent infusion bag with me the other day at the sewing group and all the ladies were “oh” & “aaah” at how beautiful your work is 🙂

    I’m sharing this :

    on my blog and thought you might like it, too — if not seen already…

    Have a lovely day xx

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