canvas day pack

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This one has just been added to the shop. I am really enjoying making these. A comfortable, wear-anywhere bag with enough space for quite a lot, but not too much. That pouch pocket on the front there holds a lot.

I tend to be a compact-sized bag person, usually carrying one that is only 9 x 7. When I need to bring more with me, like my camera and a light sweater I use one of these, but I am really liking the feel of the Day Pack. I like a cross body strap. It is peculiar how few small bags I have sewn for the shop. I need to work on that. Do you carry a small bag? A large bag? Switch around to different bags? What’s your favorite, most useful type for your lifestyle?

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  1. kathy

    ..oops posted before I was through. Sorry. I prefer wristlets almost all of the time. Just right for what I carry and hands free. If I need paperwork, I love a messenger bag, but still put the wristlet inside.


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