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Happy weekend! It has been a full one here, with the sore muscles to take with me. Had an exciting first of the year, and was able to work outside in shorts, bare arms and flip flops. Oh my, I think I was born for sunshine. My body feels so happy. Many loads of dirt and compost were moved, a shoulder load of golden plum tree branches were bicycled home – and starts from those branches planted, lots of seeds were planted, furniture was moved in and moved out, bread was baked and yummy food prepared, glasses of wine shared. I used to get stir crazy, feeling housebound working at home for days on end, but  there is so much to do and experience right here close to home. It is really satisfying to feel content with where I am.

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  1. amber

    I love being home too. I long for a longer weekend(June, July & Aug. never come soon enough for a teacher) to putter about my place. So much to do at home, fun stuff too!
    The gardening certainly brings a new found excitement for home. Enjoy!

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