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Some snaps (mostly iPhone) around the studio this week…






The desire to clean has been pretty strong here the past couple weeks. Steven and I are spending a little time each morning again, working on home projects, de-cluttering and deeper cleaning. The need for this has also really been showing up in the studio and this week I’ve really dug in. Feels amazing to freshen up my space, and it makes me feel so much more peaceful and collected when I get up to work.

I’ve also been trying to devote a little bit of time to playing with new ideas, practicing new kinds of construction and making lists and sketches of things that excite me and that I’d like to work on. It’s time for me to let go of some old grooves and allow for new energy to flow.

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  1. Shana

    Abby, I love your studio and all the post you have been making lately. I live east of the Cascades and love getting to see and hear about what is going on with you. Thank you for sharing and for being an amazing person.

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