a rhubarb galette

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I made my first galette this weekend, with some of our rhubarb. It’s definitely nothing to brag about, but it’s super tasty!

I followed this recipe for the filling (I increased all quantities by half again and added vanilla bean), and then I lazily improvised a gluten free crust (I sort of regretted the lazy improvisation in the end).rhubarb_2


One thing I liked about this particular recipe was it called for a fair amount less sugar than what seems typical for rhubarb. It was plenty sweet yet still left room for the tartness of the rhubarb to really shine through.rhubarb_3


I don’t know what I was thinking, but when it came time to make the crust I just subbed straight rice flour for all-purpose. I guess I just wasn’t thinking at all. As soon as I started processing the butter in I realized what a goofy idea that had been. I added a couple tablespoons of flax meal at the last minute, but really, it didn’t make much difference. I should also mention that this is the first time I have attempted to make anything even remotely like a pie crust in maybe 12 years.rhubarb_4


The crust did roll out okay, but would immediately crumble when touched.rhubarb_5

It’s hard to go too far wrong with butter, flour, sugar and fruit though. And when scooped into a dish, it reminds me more of crisp than pie or galette. Next time I will make a real gluten free pie crust. I even found one for dummies  ; )

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  1. Beth grim

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a galette, but have been lazy about figuring out a gluten-free version. Thanks for bravely forging the way!

    • abby

      Hey Beth! Just don’t do what I did for the crust, haha. Unless you are really non-picky about pie crust.

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