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  1. coco

    your green, sunshine, and shade always
    makes me smile. i have one nastatium
    in bloom today.
    happy monday to you abby.

    • abby

      Hi Coco! I can’t wait for nasturtium blooms. It has been a while. The last time I grew a big nasturtium plant (a couple years ago now), the deer sneaked up on the porch and ate it.

  2. jeannine

    I like this project and idea of nasturtiums in hanging pot. did you drill holes in the pot for the straps? did it require special tool? thx

    • abby

      Hi Jeannine! This was actually even simpler than that, as the pot was originally made to be a hanging planter but was just missing the hangers (I found it at a thrift store). I cut some leather strips to length, tied little knots for stops and then tied the strips together at the top.

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