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I’ve been having a blast this week sewing up some new totes. My mom was recently visiting and requested a tote style bag with kind of short but not too short straps, and a sturdy square bottom so it can sit upright when you set it down. I have also been needing a larger bag for day trips, so once she left I hopped upstairs and got to work. I have so many really nice fabrics – vintage, linen, canvas, wool – in smallish quantities that go unused in my usual line of work, so I focused on using those, almost exclusively. The evolution from the first bag to the last was really fun. There’s nothing like sewing freely, without constraints. Sometimes it takes me a bit to shift out of that mode, as I spend a lot of time filling very defined orders, but once I do I can spend from morning until night up there, without hardly a break. These came loosely from the concept of the 2-tone totes from a while back.

I hope to start adding these to the shop this evening. See you soon!

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  1. margie oomen

    I love each and everyone of them abby.
    I have been wanting one of your bags so much.
    I think the time is right.
    I just need to decide on my favorite.
    You have not made the task very easy.

  2. woolbrain

    I love your work 🙂 and I had the good fortune to visit your area last week. You do live in a lovely part of the world. We had fun on the sand dunes….I have never seen anything like them before….do you know how all that sand came to be? (just a thought)

  3. Valerie

    each time you show us one of your new creations, i think it can’t be any better… and yet each time i’m more & more in love with all what you make !
    your totes are GORGEOUS !!! hard to choose from all of them !

  4. natalie

    these bags are absolutely wonderful… beautiful in so many ways. i wish i could purchase one RIGHT NOW, but funds are so tight. just know that i hope you sell out! they are just too great!

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