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While working in the garden yesterday I realized how at home and happy I felt. Growing plants brings out my most natural nurturing qualities and makes me feel comfortable, at peace and energized. We have an abundance of kale right now (that is just about to flower), and I got excited for the days when there will be an abundance of all kinds of food – so much that we will be able to share with friends.


In my excitement for all this amazing green that would soon need to be fully harvested, I delivered a bundle of kale to a neighbor I don’t know very well. It really brightened up her afternoon. We talked about ways to prepare this new-to-her food, and then moved on to talking about life these days. She had a lot to say, and was visibly comforted by a visit that came out of kindness. It was the simplest, most human of gestures – to share some food.


I sometimes imagine how things could be, but I think the truth is, I may just hold back too much (read – hide out!). The littlest gesture goes a long way, particularly in one’s immediate reality.


This thought brings me back to my last post. Thank you for your sweet and thoughtful comments there. It really lifted me up, and even brought a few tears to my eyes. I have been feeling such a sensitive spot these days for how fragile we are as an ecosystem and how fragile the earth really is. It’s a comfort to be amongst others who can relate.

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  1. kathy

    I hear you, Abby. I think a balance between reaching out and exploring inside ourselves makes both possible and maybe more valuable.

    Snow gone, rain has stopped, sun is out, seeds going in, and so it goes. We have 3 acres…so as we get older our stewardship becomes quite a challenge….maybe more meaningful too.

  2. natalie

    luke & i are ooing & ahhing over your garden photos 🙂 we are big fans! abby, you are the sweetest. love to you!

  3. taryn kae wilson

    What beautiful pictures! Your blog always feeds my spirit. Thank you! Being in the garden has felt so good to me too lately.
    And by the way- thanks so much for posting our link on your blog! We are so incredibly grateful. And I love the way yours looks on mine.
    so much love!

  4. Amber

    Abby, your kale is beautiful. I planted a lot of the seeds you gave me this weekend. Thank you neighbor. It is a comfort to know you are in the neighborhood. Food is a wonderful offering of human exchange especially home grown. Such a lovely moment to share. I look forward to the abundance of all the seeds that have been put in the ground…kale, chard, echinacea. Thank you again. I just love spring time!

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