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The chill is in the air here. We’ve been holding off on the heat for as long as we can, which makes for a really physical transition. It helps to relearn how to really dress for the cold.

Wanna know the best ever cold weather dressing tip? Wear a layer of cashmere against the skin. We swear by cashmere around here. We have spent (long!) winters living in the woods, in below freezing temperatures, in the ice and snow, with no heat, and it was all made possible with cashmere. Truly. We find it all at the thrift store, and when you start looking for it, there is quite a bit available. Beautiful, amazing, cuddly cashmere. If you looked in our closet you might think we have cashmere hoarding addictions. (okay, so we do!). If you haven’t tried it, you really must. And if you feel that wool makes you itchy, I think you will find that cashmere is a completely different animal (and it is).

Anyway, cashmere aside, I thought I’d let you know there are a few new items up in meadow + mark, and also give a little preview of a few things on the way.

Here’s to a buoyant week.


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  1. liane

    oh, nice vintage! and that picture of you with the luggage is adorable. i’m moving shortly in a couple weeks to an old old drafty farmhouse in the woods with wood being the only source of heat…so i’m totally taking your cashmere tip to heart and heading to goodwill today. i don’t own any.

  2. molly

    you are adorable.

    i found a snug fitting cashmere sweater, charcoal gray, at the thrift store a few years ago and wear it like a sweatshirt around the house. warm and luxurious.

    also, the glass dome reminds me of my mom. she hosted her fair share of princess house parties back in the eighties and early nineties. i grew up with that design. i’ll bet she has the same piece – cheese dome perhaps? – tucked away in a closet.

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