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Over the years we have tried to grow, regrow, and propagate many kinds of things. Steven has tried to regrow some things that I thought were pretty far fetched, but it’s amazing what plants can do. Once, we even had a totally far out (far out as in nearly rotting) stalk of broccoli start to put out new growth in our compost pile, and this was discovered after turning it up from 2 feet deep!

I can’t remember if we ever tried celery, but when I saw this by the clever folks at 17apart, and decided to give it a try, the first thing Steven said when he saw it was, “that looks like something I would do!” Celery is steadily growing, and it’s happening remarkably fast.

The first photo up at the top was taken 4 or 5 days after I cut the stalks off and put the end in water. I have just potted it in soil and am excited to see how it does from here.

So before you scrap that veggie end, consider a little experiment with regrowing it!

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  1. jessicarafter

    I’ve been wondering what to do about celery since it is one of the vegetables on the “dirty” list(most commonly contaminated in the grocery store) and doesn’t grow in my climate quite well enough. Especially when it is the backbone of so many recipes!

  2. Jenni Hodges

    Wow – thanks for the idea! I was so delighted when I found out you could do this with green onions… can’t wait to try celery!

  3. Ellie - Petalplum

    Lovely photos. It is amazing, isn’t it, how resilient plants and seeds are – they just want to grow grow grow. Have you ever grown pineapples from the tops? Give that a go….
    You know what, if you don’t need to grow them – you can always stamp them with some ink. Celery make such pretty designs.

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