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I have just added a new tote to the shop. I’m excited about this one! A couple weeks ago, while sorting through my fabric stash, I came across this textile I had forgotten about. I don’t know why, but it really grabbed hold of me and I ended up dropping everything I was doing and shifting gears toward building something with it. It was the most fun I’d had at work in quite a while. I recently finished this bag, and have since pulled out a few other textiles from my collection that I’m excited to share soon.

It’s always hard to cut these materials, which have been carefully woven by hand, and in this case beautifully embroidered. It can feel like a disservice to cut them up, and yet here it is – a very useful bag that will be worn on someone’s shoulder, carried around for years. This textile is as striking as it ever was, and making an appearance like it never was. There’s no disservice there I guess, is there.

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  1. Beth Anne Campbell

    Wow, I love the bright colors! It will be a hit.

  2. Alexandra

    This is beautiful! I want it so badly, but don’t think I can justify it with the added customs and duty in the UK 🙁

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