monday sale!

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So… I have been debating whether or not to have a sale this weekend for at least a week. Truth is, I don’t even want to HEAR the words “Black Friday,” or even “Cyber Monday” for that matter. I am, on some levels, at odds with the whole frenzy. But I have to admit, even we took advantage of some amazing Black Friday sales, and got a few (yes, a few, oh my) new large appliances we have really been wanting/needing for a while. These sales were super exciting for us, and our new additions will raise our quality of life and make our home life more efficient and more pleasant.


In the end, my decision to have a sale really boils down to those supportive, and often very quiet, ones of you out there, who I know might be waiting or hoping or just plain wondering if maybe (a couple of you even emailed me, which I actually found so endearing) I might have a sale on THE biggest sale weekend of the entire year.


So, without any further rambling, if you have your eye on something in the shop for yourself or another, save 12% off your order by using the discount code holiday2012. When you enter it in the box during checkout, just be sure to press “apply.” This sale is valid until midnight on Monday, November 26.


Thank you so much for supporting my handmade business. It has helped make my life what it is today. I am so appreciative of all of you. I wish I could express that more!



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