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After a long period of dormancy, the Meadow + Mark shop has finally ‘reopened’ !

I’ve started small, but have been slowly adding new things, (seems like a rate of about 1 item a day this week), so check in now and then if you feel so inclined. There is likely to be a mix of vintage, one of a kind hand work, and supplies from my studio as I work to clean it out of excess.

I have always had a bigger plan for M+M, which I think may finally be shaping up (excitement contained!). I hope to be able to share something with you all in the next few months.

Have a great day! It’s feeling so much like spring here.

  1. knitty34

    I snapped up those leather straps! I have some ideas…..

    I will be eagerly checking for more supply items! (Hopefully you can combine shipping if I purchase anything else in the next couple of days? šŸ™‚ )

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