march 1st

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Hello, March! There is a spring buzz in the air, that is for sure – even with the sudden chill we are having. I’ve been feeling unusually tired lately. I am guessing due to the changing seasons. That happens sometimes during the shift between. I took a break the other day and wandered around the house with the camera. I used to do this pretty often. I appreciate how the most mundane things, which usually go unnoticed in the hustle of daily tasks, can appear interesting or beautiful when looked at with different eyes.

That old photo print is one I found just recently. We both liked it immediately. It’s now hanging in our bathroom.

I found the antler at a thrift store some time back. It was impossible to leave it. It creates an indescribable mix of sadness and appreciation for me. It wasn’t shed naturally.

The deer are back to visiting regularly. We had 8 of them here the other day, laying around, eating, listening, watching. They have been pretty scarce since a cougar incident last summer (which I haven’t shared here… maybe one day), so we are glad to see them back. We also wonder if it indicates that maybe the cougar has moved on.

  1. Hannah

    I am having the same issue with the tiredness! no matter how much sleep I get, I can’t really wake up all the way. so exciting about the deer!

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