Laying Low

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After weeks and weeks of high energy, high activity, late nights and early mornings, my body has said e n o u g h. Sometimes I think of getting sick as one way the body uses to say “pay attention! I need rest!” I have been mostly resting the last couple days. My fever broke this morning and I am on my way back. This morning I can swallow and talk again without pain (oh the simple joys!).

For my customers whose orders haven’t shipped yet, I may be a couple days behind. I will send specific updates to each of you as I get back in motion. Thank you for your understanding!

(PS It’s really not freezing in our house. Being bundled up and ultra cozy just feels so nice today.)

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  1. cottonjens

    Hope you’re 100% again soon – sounds like you’re a busy girl! I just ran into your blog via etsy while searching for bags made with burlap. I fell in love with burlap. Your blog is a fun read, your items are beautiful and functional. Looks like you love sewing. I love sewing – its always interesting and challenging.

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