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These days I sit down to blog, and I’m simultaneously flooded with things I’d like to write about, and stumped at what to say at all. Most simply though, I feel I’d like to start recording my seasonal observations again. Every now and then I find myself wondering about something from a past year – like, “when were the cherries ready last year? It seems so early.” … “what did the tomatoes look like at this time last year?” … “when was our first baby deer sighting last June?” … “It hasn’t rained in weeks. Last June I think I was dealing with drowned cucumber plants from all the heavy rainfall.”  I used to record all kinds of observations, and have found that I really appreciate the reference as time passes. And on a greater scale, there is no doubt we’re experiencing worldwide climatic changes and I think it’s import to be actively aware and a part of what’s happening around us.

Every once in a while I go through a tough spot where I feel so sad by what’s happening in the world. So much war and human sickness. Sickness of consciousness. Disconnection from, and loss of love for life. The world can seem so broken and people can seem so shut down, disconnected, out of touch. Yesterday I was driving home from the post office, and “where is the love” started playing, and the tears just started pouring! I was a little surprised at myself, but when my sensitivities are turned up, it is easy to look anywhere and see an unnecessary, human-inflicted hardship on the land, the animals and on each other.

On a sweeter note (and possibly what stirred some of this up), in stark contrast to the complicated world we are in, last week we witnessed a new little life enter this world – a  perfectly uncomplicated birth of a baby fawn right in our yard. It felt like time stopped for that day in this bubble of safe space, and every creature around seemed to sync with this event. I’ll try to share more of it soon. It was, and has been – as we see glimpses of these 2 settle into the world together, been truly amazing.

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  1. Denise McArthur

    I definitely feel as if these are challenging times. I limit my news to NPR as I drive to and from work. I try to find the good in the day and be hopeful escaping to nature helps too.

    Love that you were able to witness the new fawn being born.

  2. Janelle Hiam

    Your blog makes me slow down, breath deeper and focus on your beautiful photos. Thanks for the relaxing respite in the city.

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