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Some words for a new week and a full moon.


Upon your journey

you can find wisdom, magic and

amazing things already waiting

for you to happen by.


Journey requires that your

anxiousness to find what you’re

looking for is exceeded by your

openness to find what’s offered.


Do not journey without consulting

your true self first, you’ll want to

know where to meet it.


Begin each day’s journey with love.

What is your journey through life

trying to tell you?


Your energy body loves to journey.


Close your eyes and journey within.

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  1. Eva

    Really a great time for these words, going through a bit of an anxious period in my life trying to figure things out! Enjoy your week Abby, thank you.

    • Abby

      You’re welcome Eva. So glad to know it was helpful. I know it can be a real comfort to find the right words when you need them xo

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