it’s Tuesday

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…but I’m not sure I could have told you that without looking at the little clock on my computer. The last few days have really been somethin’ else, for this little one woman business. Can I just say, yowza! I was in front of my computer for much of the weekend, answering questions, attending to orders, re-listing items, thanking customers and thanking you wonderful people for all your fun and friendly, and very interesting notes. I am still working on catching up on emails, so if you are someone who I have not yet responded to, I will get there soon.

I spent much of yesterday cutting. And cutting and cutting. I can feel muscles in my arm that I certainly usually don’t. After all this excitement and sustained hyper focus I was feeling a little bit hungover yesterday, probably from lack of fresh air, proper nourishment and sleep – so we headed out in the late afternoon to mail some packages, shop for food and just get out of the house for a bit. Admittedly, I was really looking forward to getting back home and having a glass of wine, which I did, and which I really enjoyed.

a Batch of Slippers Ready for Sewing

I will be focusing entirely on filling orders in the coming days and weeks, and if there are any questions from any of my customers out there, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

With genuine thanks and appreciation…

And as Liane might say,

xo to eternity!

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  1. Sonia

    Oh Abby, I hope you’ll manage to make a bit of time for yourself, after such a storm of orders & excitement ! I’ll keep you in my thoughts, but you’re always with me, in the form of the bags you made for us. Sending much love oxoxo

  2. Valerie

    oh Abby I’m so happy for you ! you do such a wonderful job. I hope you ‘ll survive LOL and will be thinking about you !
    lots of xo

  3. Nancy

    Now I’m feeling guilty for being so excited to get my order!! Please do take time for yourself.

  4. Julia

    Congratulations, this is awesome news, you’d clearly worked very hard 🙂 ! I love the line of slippers in a row waiting to be sewn! I so know what you mean about cutting all day, certain things start to ache that have never done so before. Don’t forget to get out and take a break and get some fresh air 🙂

  5. joanie

    Yay! It all looks like the good kind of busy. The kind of busy that has results and makes free time extra special.

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