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This is one of those weeks that went by in a blur and is nice to have come to an end. I can wholeheartedly say, I am so excited that the weekend is here!

It’s been super wet and a bit stormy here, but we’ve been taking advantage of the breaks in the rain to enjoy the balmy temps; and with the everchanging light and new growth everywhere I’ve been inspired to get out the camera more. Above is some of what’s blooming and growing in our yard right now.

My late winter/early spring peak of interest in eating deep greens is totally happening, and it’s always in perfect sync with the peak of deep green growth in the garden.

We’ve had coffee outside a few mornings this week and a couple of hours of work out in the sun the other day was like the most healing balm ever. I think I’m a little bit sun starved. Working outside is always simultaneously so energizing and calming.


A few links…

Tales of forgotten crafts.

For conscientious consumers (I have downloaded the app and am adding any locations I know of. A community I am more than happy to contribute to.)

I’ve got a huge pot of garbanzo beans on the stove and this is so tempting.

And speaking of deep greens, a seasonal recipe.


Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead this weekend for daylight savings. And enjoy the weekend! x

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  1. Beth

    Beautiful photos! Happy spring!
    But, we turn our clocks ahead one hour. “Spring ahead, Fall back.”

    • Abby

      So glad to hear that! I brought home a dozen eggs this weekend, and you have me thinking I might make it for dinner tonight.

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