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It’s been a couple weeks now since I started jotting these notes down, and I have planted another round of seeds since, but I wanted to get this posted anyway. Almost all of the seeds mentioned below are now growing strong. The red romaine is slow to germinate (I remember this now from last year), but 2 tiny sprouts have finally appeared this week. It has been a great early spring for seed starting, with abundant sunshine for new plants to bathe in.

March 17: planted a dozen walla walla, dozen parris island (green romaine), dozen red romaine, dozen lacinato kale, 6 bush buttercup. Most all of the earlier sets of starts have germinated and are doing very well.

The last couple days we had what felt like record warmth for this time of year and every living thing seemed pretty excited about it. Yesterday there were a number of firsts – I saw the first honeybee, buzzing in the rosemary flowers; the first black ants, and when evening came I saw the first bat. We also heard the first osprey, and today saw them soaring overhead. It seems like we have more and more birds in our yard each year, which makes an organic gardener so happy! (so long as they are not eating your food, haha). Steven put some cotton balls left from an empty B-vitamins bottle out for the birds, and watched a crow carry it off today. There is a lot of nesting activity going on, and even a bit of squabbling over nesting materials between the crows and the blue jays. This green, lush, new season brings me so much joy.

What’s happening where you are this time of year? And if you have one, how is your garden coming along?

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  1. coco

    i often look forward to see your gardening notes and here it was today. although, tired from work, i read your garden activity note and
    it gives me peace of mind and inspire me to get out to garden asap.
    will do so on wednesday which is my next day off. i still have lots of seed to
    be sowen and need to find a place for them.
    flax, nastatium are already sowen little while ago and beging sprouting. so nice to see their fresh green.
    thanks abby, your notes gives me sunshine like energy and i will enjoy
    this coming wednesday in the garden hopping around.

    • abby

      Thanks Coco, really happy to know you enjoy the garden posts. Have fun tomorrow in your garden. I too, look forward to the days I am able to spend the day with my plants.

  2. fibreandspice

    A friend of mine saw your article in Better Homes magazine (I think?) and referred me to your blog; loving it so far!
    Unfortunately, my husband and I are going to be moving cross country (from Virginia to Montana) this summer, so we won’t be able to put a garden in this summer. But once we get settled I’m hoping to at least start some herbs in a sunny window!

    • abby

      Thank you! Maybe Country Living? Have a great move. That’s a long ways to move a home. Montana is so beautiful.

  3. slowslows

    OOO the osprey are on their way back! That means ours should be showing up any day now, certainly one of the thrilling moments of the year.

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