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It’s mid March, you guys! Does that seem hard to believe to anyone else?

I feel like I’m getting a late start, but planting has finally begun. I have dirt under my nails, hair filled with ozone, rosier cheeks, and that peaceful feeling that is particular only to a day spent working outside. These things make me feel so alive and I am completely psyched that spring is here!



Last week, feeling a little bit stagnant in regards to garden prep and planting, I decided to clean up my potting bench and get myself organized. That was enough to get all the energy flowing, and it gave me a welcoming place to work, even in all the rain we’ve been having.




I’ve been thinking of ways to make this space even better. This is the first year the potting bench has been used down here and I think it makes the most sense in this spot than anywhere else it’s been.



Tomatoes and peppers are planted, 4-5 seeds per pot, and I’ve spotted the first couple seedlings already. I put a heat mat under the tray to help them out. A little extra heat makes such a huge difference. I planted a variety of different kinds of lettuce as well.

The garden is going through some changes so I’m holding off on planting in the ground quite yet. I’m getting antsy though. It’s warm and things are growing like crazy. Some plants didn’t even go fully dormant this winter, so in some ways things look more like May than March.




My main garden goal this week was to clean up the hoophouse.




In all the years since building it, the hoophouse has never looked like this. Ever. And I didn’t do anything different this year than I’ve done any other year. If this is not a clear confirmation of how mild this winter has really been then I don’t know what would be. What a lush and awesome jungle! And what a crazy mess of weeds about to go to seed, making me pretty nervous.

The only reason you’re seeing any amount of bare dirt in the photo below, is because I did a small amount of clearing a few weeks ago.



Check out that beautiful kale plant. I’m not sure how it got there, but I love that it’s there. It’s the most tender and delicious of all.




This job took about 3 focused hours. I have maybe another hour to go and it’ll be ready for planting.




This year my goals for the garden are simpler so I can free up some of my time and energy to work together with Steven on more long term projects. We have blueberry and raspberry plants that have needed a permanent home, and the logical place is the (already very small) main fenced garden space.

I’m planning to focus on growing what we eat the most of and which mostly takes care of itself. That will include fava beans, greens of all kinds, peas, cucumbers, herbs, ( and I’m sure there will be more than I thought in the end)… and to skip the things I’ve struggled with in recent years or which tend to be more demanding of my time. Expanding our deer proof garden areas has been a goal since the beginning, and this year we’re hoping to make some real headway in that direction.

Once I let go of clinging to every inch of my tiny garden, it’s actually become super exciting to think of all the changes we will make. Change IS exciting, and it ignites creativity and new energy when you truly embrace the new. “Embrace the new” is my motto right now.


Happy spring everyone xo


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