garden journal // may 5

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A mini garden update, mostly from the porch… I’ve been slackin’ on my garden updates! Though I must admit, I haven’t spent a huge amount of time in the garden this past week or so.

My little baby plants are growing up fast. I’m not ready to put the real heat lovers in the ground yet, so I’ve started transplanting to bigger containers. Everything is looking healthy with solid root systems developing.

The beets and turnips are peeking above ground now, and the beans are all up and looking great. I started putting copper tape around the perimeter of the garden to keep those darn slugs out. I am feeling pretty hopeful about this non-toxic, non invasive solution, which I will share more about soon. The slugs have been chomping the lower leaves of the peas at an alarming rate, and nearly devastated the echinacea before it could even get going. When I realized what was happening with the echinacea I started to intervene by covering them with cloches at night. They have begun to fill out pretty quickly now (“they” meaning the whole lot of 2 of them. A tiny turnout, but I was happy to see that any of them made it from last year).

Our crazy jungle of kale is finally getting a notable dent put in it. We harvested a couple crates full yesterday, and this morning I blanched and froze it all for future soups. There is now enough space to walk down the paths again, un-encroached upon : )

Looks like we are in for a stretch of sunshine finally, and some warmer temperatures. I’m looking forward to getting some more seeds in the ground this week.

This is not exactly garden related, but it was a sweet sight. These gals must have had a long night. We rarely see them this sprawled out and restful, and never all at once.


Are you going to check out the super moon tonight? The clouds started rolling in here, but I am hoping we can at least get a peek.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  1. birchbarksoap

    I love that the deer are so comfortable there – I think they know they’re safe. 🙂

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