garden journal // march 23

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We woke up to sunshine, warmth and blue skies today. All the seedlings got a spectacular sun bath outside. And so did we! The tomato seeds have all germinated aside from a few cherry tomatoes, which were older seed. Basil is up, and squashes, cucumbers and melons are starting to come up as well. It’s been quite cool and dark here lately, so I have been rotating the seed trays on a seed heat mat (which we actually purchased for brewing beer). It has made quite a difference.


3/22 Planted a second, larger batch of snap peas, and broccoli. After seeing this tray full of peas that Amy had, I decided to try starting some in trays this time. I think some of my first planting has been dug up by chipmunks. Planted wildflower seeds along the side of the drive, mammoth sunflowers alongside the garden, and dug our “test bed” a little bit wider. It was a pretty decent success last year (this is where we experiment with what the deer will eat or not, as well as where we plant certain things for birds and insects).

3/23 It felt great to get out into the garden again. Cleaned up the mess left from the snow storm, fertilized the artichokes, and came in with a beautiful harvest of  arugula, kale, collards, carrots, kale florets (taste like tender broccoli) and calendula flowers. I think we will have a roasted potato, carrot, kale and mushroom torte for dinner, with arugula salad.


I was honored to be a guest over at tend this week. Have a look, if you’d like.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Happy spring!!

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    • abby

      I hope you guys have a thaw soon. You are serious troopers. It will make spring that much sweeter.

  1. Little Sis

    It’s so exciting isn’t it? I get this huge surge of energy when I see the little green shoots emerge. And I’m with you, a little heat goes a long way. I use a heating pad (probably not a great idea), and it has improved my germination rates dramatically. Love your pics!

  2. natalie

    abby, thank you for sharing with us on tend! i just loved your post! also, the photo with the vegetables in the basket in this space is so beautiful. i am envious of your fresh flowers, too! so happy to see that crops survived that crazy thick blanket of snow!

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