garden journal // July 28

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fava beans and ground cherry

cucumbers and romaine

flowering leek

herb  boxes on the patio

more artichokes coming

golden delicious

orange banana tomato, in the hoop house

for last night’s dinner

The garden is at that point where it mostly takes care of itself. I go out to water, weed a little, check for pests and harvest what’s ready and what we need at mealtimes. It’s looking like time for some cleaning up out there though. Today I’m looking forward to some solid garden time. I’m starting to think about planting for fall and there are a few areas that could use some clearing out.

The few kale plants that survived the spring onslaught of root maggots are getting big and beautiful, but yesterday I discovered they are all infested with aphids. They are too heavily infested to keep them I think. Hopefully I’ll do better with kale in the fall.

Tomatoes are just starting to ripen, a few at a time. We have had a chance to try an Orange Banana, a few Black Cherry and one Chadwick Cherry. So delicious! I was actually surprised what full flavor the orange tomato has. It’s great to see some new color in the harvest basket too. Cucumbers are starting to come on pretty heavy and there are a few winter squash that look almost ready. On the other hand, we haven’t even picked our first summer squash yet.

We seem to have a newly inspired love for fresh herbs this year. Having an herb garden on the patio has been even more awesome than we imagined. We eat our meals out there, surrounded by herbs that we love, ready to be picked and added straight to our plates. It’s a tasters paradise.

What’s happening in your garden these days? Are you planning on planting for fall?

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  1. Marri


    Our cucumbers are running riot too and summer lettuces are out of control. Still waiting for most of the bloody butchers to blush and caterpillars destroyed most of the brandywines, which breaks my heart. We have a few peppers that are looking nice but have a ways to go…

    • abby

      Sorry to hear about the caterpillars. Tomatoes are the one thing I have not ever had pest problems with (knock on wood). And I have never heard of bloody butchers!

  2. Liesl

    So true. I really love this stage of the garden. Maintenance and harvesting. I just wish it wasn’t so hot.

    Your patio looks like a dreamy place to eat—what with the fresh herbs at your finger tips and a water view!

    • abby

      Funny to us how everyone is wishing it wasn’t so hot. We are often wishing it was warmer this summer. I guess we should be grateful for the cooler temps.

  3. coco

    abby, what a luxury. you live by the lake? so nice.
    that ground cherry thing, is there tomato inside the balloon? interesting vege.

    • abby

      Hi Coco, there is a little golden tomato inside the balloon. They are sweet, almost pineapple-like in flavor. I will try to post a more detail photo here sometime.

  4. Taryn Kae Wilson

    I love getting peeks at your garden, it’s looking beautiful!
    Your cucumbers are huge. How wonderful to have your herbs so close.

    Love, Taryn

    P.S. I was so happy to hear from you. 🙂

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