garden journal // april 21

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Taking a little break from the hot sun… It’s like a summer day today – shorts, iced coffees, bumble bees, busy birds, bliss!

This week I planted a few varieties of beans – broad windsor fava, purple podded pole, scarlet runner (saved from last year) and dragon tongue.

4/21 planted bull’s blood beet, turnips and romaine lettuce.

The beds are more and more ready for all the starts that have been growing in containers. We have had so many less weeds this year and our soil is feeling and looking healthier than ever. Persistence in keeping weeds from going to seed has made such a difference over time.

Our temporary garden gate has been in place longer than expected, and it used to open INTO the garden, which meant there was a fair sized void of useful space. We switched it up yesterday so that it opens out, and we now have 8-10 square feet of additional growing space. For such a relatively minor project, I am pretty dang excited about the change. Half of that new space became home to beet seed.

Well I hear those wildflower seeds calling my name. Time to go back outside. Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Erin

    Wow, it really does look like summer!
    How many years have you had this garden? It is amazing how the soil improves over a few years. My garden is heading into it’s 3rd year & I’m finally finding big earthworms, the soil is crumbly & black (finally) & it is encouraging to have all of these perennials bursting up so early.
    Thanks for some inspiration

    • abby

      Erin, same here! Entering our 3rd year – and I can agree with all the things you mentioned – earthworms, black crumbly soil, well established perennials… I look forward to seeing your garden growing this year.

  2. Little Sis

    Love the pic of the beans in your hand. I’ve been trying to broaden my bean experience, and haven’t gotten so far as broadening my bean growing experience. Thanks for the nudge.

  3. Rachel

    I have been known to get a little crazy photographing seeds. Really like the assortment in your palm, and the precious glass domes. Looks like you are treating your seedlings to the good life.

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