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I’ve been working on finishing up all the odd unfinished projects laying around in the studio. These things above are a few of them (you can click the images to learn more).

Years ago, I had a terrible habit of starting things and never finishing them. I worked really hard to break that habit, and I did. I kicked it pretty well, and really, I think I became a different and better person because of that! But sometimes, there are those things that that still get put aside I guess.

To me it is super satisfying to see a work in progress finally come to life, no matter how great or small.

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  1. Deni

    Love the new tote, Abby…and those sandals look so comfortable (maybe a favorite?). I have been trying to focus on completing some unfinished house projects, and boy does it feel good when they come together. Usually in a lot less time than expected. I’ve been striving for simplicity. I’ve realized that I am SO much happier that way. Simplicity leaves time for the important things in life! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far, and be sure to do something fun for your upcoming birthday! xx

    • abby

      Thanks Deni! Simplicity does make for a happier home;I agree completely. We are continually working on that here too. And thanks for the birthday thoughts – you have a great memory! Isn’t yours coming up too?

  2. Deni

    Yes, July 1st, I remember because it’s close to mine 🙂 Happy Birthday!

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