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Ah, this is so overdue! The 2 people who were chosen to receive a little something, for leaving suggestions for dance tunes, were…. Melanie and Amy! And thank you to everyone who offered up suggestions!

It has been a really busy couple months here. The holidays were heavy for infusion – quite awesome I must say! Thank you!! I have been a bit behind schedule from my original production time estimates, and this past week or so my machine has been acting up. It’s been intermittent, so there are stretches of time where it’s doing just fine, but it has definitely slowed me down a bit. Of course it seems super untimely, but the exciting news is that a couple new machines are due to arrive this week – machines that my boyfriend and I spent weeks and weeks researching down. Sometimes an inconvenience is just the thing to instigate that much needed upgrade.

I have some new bags to share, which is another thing that has been waiting in the queue for quite a while, but everything in it’s time right? Hopefully I’ll be back with those within the next couple days. I’ve been really enjoying working with the waxed canvas, and will talk more about that as well.


Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s been so mild and beautiful here. It felt like spring today.

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