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It is a remarkable weekend for  i n f u s i o n ! A big thank you to etsy for inviting me to be the featured seller this weekend, and a huge thank you to all my supportive customers and readers.  The inflow of conversations and emails has been stunning.  I have appreciated every one of them.

Seeing how far  i n f u s i o n  has come over these last couple of years brings a real sense of excitement and satisfaction.  New doors have been opening up this year, and somehow this weekend feels like a launch pad for the next chapter to come.  When I started selling on etsy almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what would become of it.  I had no real expectations, and it was a simple effort to bring some active, creative flow back into my life.  Today I am a full time designer and seamstress!  While working for myself in this way is a lot of work, with no guarantees of a consistent paycheck (though when is there ever??), and I probably work more hours each day than I have at any conventional job… I truly enjoy my time – I own my time! and I have the freedom to  shape my days to what ever works for my flow.  There is no limit to what one can create for themselves, or the extent to which one can shape their life, and what one has to express.  I have always known this, but to see it in motion in such a dynamic way is totally radical, really freeing and inspiring.

Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm.

Here’s to getting that flow going!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

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  1. Kitty

    Oh my goodness, CONGRATS Abby!!! I knew from the second I first found you last year, that you were something special! Someone as kind and talented as you deserves all the goodness that comes your way…cheers to you and following dreams!! ;D


  2. Lauren

    This feature is how I found your shop. Your items are just down my alley…If only I could afford them. I enjoyed looking though. 🙂

  3. marri

    congrats abby! you definitely deserve it! (can’t wait for my new bag – thanks for shipping it out so quickly!)

  4. deb

    Hi Abby, I found you via Etsy and I have to say, I *love* your interview. Wow! So inspiring. You and your work are amazing. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us!

  5. melissa

    congratulations to you, abby! that is so exciting. i really enjoyed reading your interview (it’s inspiring.)
    and thank you so much for mentioning my blog in one of the answers!

  6. maya

    I clicked on the front page today and whoooooped out loud!! “There’s Abby!” I screamed to my family! Not that I’m surprised, not in the least… but I’m so happy. Congratulations on getting the recognition you truly deserve. May this launch you even further in the direction you wish to go.

  7. Tessa

    Congrats on being a featured seller! I am a huge fan of your work and blog. Good luck with all those orders, what fun!

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