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My dreams lately have been like extensions of my waking life, but they have delved into areas that I don’t have time to think about these days. It seems I hardly have time for anything but work right now.

I had a dream early this morning where we were getting ready to go on a long road trip with a bunch of friends. Our van got checked out by my friend Kendall, and during the tune up the engine overheated and was determined to be shot. Ummmm, daaaang… So the next I know I am at an old boyfriend’s mom’s place in California, and all our friends, who we are to venture off on this epic trip with, are there. I went to use the bathroom and realized I didn’t have my purse. Geez, I am on a big trip and didn’t even bring my purse?? OK whatever, I will work it out… but then I began to realize, I also forgot to bring clothes, and well, I didn’t even pack or prepare at all! (How did I even get here?) It was then that it came clear to me that I had been so busy, how could I ever have had time to prepare for, or even think about, a trip. What am I even doing on this trip!!?? I started to panic a little, thinking about all the orders I was working on and needed to ship. I tried to keep it together and went back out to the living room where I got talking with one of my friends, who I hadn’t seen for years. I started to express, in a sort of ‘thinking out loud’ kind of way, how hyper focused I had been for so long, and how I had been busier than ever in my life. The realization was huge, as if it was new to me! I woke up soon after and thought about how strange it felt to be in such a narrow, focused state for such a long time. I felt disconnected and sort of shut down. It’s not the way I’m used to feeling, and it’s not the way I ultimately want to live my life.

In the big picture, I feel super happy for where I am in my life and it’s incredibly satisfying to look back and see that where I have arrived is completely a product of my own intent and hard work. I feel grateful and excited and all the things you might feel if you were achieving something you worked really hard at. I also see that it’s time to make some some changes and refresh my intent. When you set out to do something that spans into the long term, it’s hard to know exactly what the end result will look like, and tweaks are usually necessary along the way – know what I mean? As I consider what I’d like to change, and what I’d like to take to the next level, I am starting to feel the freedom and excitement that comes with setting off on a big road trip.

Now just to get that motor running, a clear sense for where I’m going, and to pack the right things to get me there….

If you’d like to share, I’d love to know what some of you do to initiate bigger, more long term changes?

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  1. Anonymous

    how to grow bigger…how to scale down…and how to keep a balance in whichever direction your moving. these questions never seem to go away. my advice (after growing and shrinking a company) would be to keep your focus on what it is you LIKE doing, rather than getting where you think you should get to. because when you get there, you might find you’re no longer doing what you like to do. your products are beautiful and i’m sure you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

  2. Deni

    Changes need to start with a plan, a written list of goals for the future always help me with direction. Some quiet time of reflection, getting caught up (closing shop for vacation) and maybe a “road trip” would relieve the demands and pressure and restore your passion. You deserve a vacation!

  3. Amber

    Wow that is a good question. Making big changes in my life have taken quite a while. That is because it took so long to get to the place where I needed a big change. I took the time to think about how I could make small changes that would build up to be the big change. I have also made a big change by taking a big leap and just jumping into a new world, after careful planning. I believe in working hard when working and then resting well (having fun) when not working. The road ahead is so open, there are so many options. Going with what inspires and rejuvenates me is how I like to guide myself( with a little practicality too).
    Abby, your art is amazing and you have worked so hard, plus you are one smart cookie. The answer will come to you, it appears you have made your self open to a change manifestation…I just know things are going to be great for you.

  4. Ellie - Petalplum

    I want to write a really long and thoughtful comment here – but …… hmmmmm. Not happening!!

    It’s so wonderful to see your beautiful little business exploding in the way it is. I feel I know you, a little, in a way. And I’m so excited. But then – if it means you loosing something, well…..
    Change is hard, even when you know it’s necessary. Also, often, it’s the actual time needed to make the change that can be hard. I’m working on that right now in myself. Lots of internal discussions, and yes dreaming – but not as vivid as yours.

    I hope you take the time to look at what you really really want and need. Remember – the plants need water and sunlight and love and good strong soil to grow and flourish. xxx

  5. un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

    unfortunately i live day to day. not to say i don’t have any dream but my own life has not always been a bed of roses so far, and wisdom through this taught me it was better to be on the cautious side…
    but Abby, change is the only thing that never change, and i have no doubt you will make the meaningful & happy turns that need to be made, and they will lead you where it feels right to you. i have this feeling there’s a good star watching over your steps. lots of love x
    ps : dreams are often messages, if only we know how to listen to them 🙂

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