doing it myself / week 4

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This week I repaired an old favorite sweater.

My work can be hard on my clothes, so I have a few designated “work sweaters.”  This wool sweater, even though it’s ill fitting and really kind of frumpy, tends to be my favorite. It’s loose and warm and easy to toss off and on throughout the day.

Some time last year, one of the elbows developed a hole, which got so big I stopped wearing it, afraid I would ruin it forever… But I missed that old sweater…


sweater_elbow_patch_2Before patching, I sewed the hole up, loosely but securely, so it wouldn’t continue to unravel.

sweater_elbow_patch_2aI almost could have called it done at this point, but that fix is not nearly as fun or lasting as patching.

sweater_elbow_patch_1I made a patch pattern to my desired shape and size, and then cut 2 patches from an old leather skirt. Then I marked out and punched my stitch holes.

sweater_elbow_patch_3The location of the hole was the perfect reference for where to place the patch. For the other sleeve, I matched it to the first by measuring, and then eyeballing it into position.

sweater_elbow_patch_4I think that now it’s better than new! I also like to think my sweater even looks a little less frumpy now.

Are you a fan of elbow patches? I love how this look has made a comeback in recent years.

More patches from the past – tweed on cashmere.

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  1. Liesl

    I do love elbow patches!
    And I love artfully mending and patching clothes but my luck always has the hole or stain or whatnot in the most awkward spots.
    (Really liking this series of yours.)

  2. ella

    so awesome! i haven’t sewn with leather but some felted wool patches have fixed up a few sweaters around here.

  3. Wendy

    Funny, I like the way it looks in the first picture, with the stripped fabric showing through from behind the hole. But, then again, I’m a slob.

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