chasing squirrels

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This morning we woke up to the most incredible sunny day with summertime temps and warm gentle breezes. After answering all my emails and listing the new Rucksack, I threw on my tee and shorts and was really looking forward to sipping my coffee in the sun before getting up to work. But! the day’s events would have it otherwise, and instead! we spent the morning chasing a squirrel around the garage. Yes, really!

This little guy has been setting up a nest in the roof of our utility room for a few days (very noisy!). We have been thinking about how to deal with this. Today we finally spotted it coming down from the roof onto the deck. We chased it all around trying to scare it off from entering again, but my gosh those guys are persistent. A short time later, I spotted it in the garage. Since it seemed it’s only way in or out was through the door it walked through, we decided to try to catch it in a cardboard box. We closed the door it entered, and the adventure began. Oh my. We spent far too long devising countless crazy strategies for capture and boy some of them were close! I wish I could have been an objective onlooker because this must have been a hilarious scene. We are much too big and clumsy compared to such swift and agile creatures. I ALMOST caught it a couple of times, but we finally gave up so as not to traumatize it completely. We hope to have a live trap here tomorrow and we will try to catch it then, take it somewhere a few miles away and release it. I’ll let you know how we do. And if anyone has any tips on catching squirrels, by all means do share! Next we need to seal our roof.


Well, giveaway entrants, I know you are waiting! While drawing from the hat is always more fun and has a little more magic, I used the random number generator this time…

The giveaway winner is comment number 27. Congratulations Francesca!!

Thank you everyone for all your amazing comments. They really went straight to my heart, and I was happy to learn more about what you all like and appreciate. And don’t worry, there will be more great giveaways this year! I wish I could send every one of you a gift.

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  1. Thumbly

    Congrats to Francesca! A squirrel… I hope you’ll be able to catch it. You’re very lucky to live in such connection with animals and Nature!

  2. Nicole

    Good luck with the squirrel. We have tons around here, but so far, none has tried to take up residence in our house. The mice, however, are another story!

    Congratulations Francesca!

  3. natalie

    today is just so beautiful! i don’t have any tips for catching squirrels… my expertise are in raccoons! unfortunately…

  4. Renee

    We recently had a squirrel in the attic of our office building (large old house). The exterminator set up a trap and finally caught the little guy. He took the squirrel with him to release in one of his approved spots. He said that you have to release them at least 5 miles away or they are likely to come back and nest in the same place. Good luck!

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