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It’s still summer guys. Enough with the jeans and sweaters and leather boots already! Aren’t you hot in all those layers, pretending that it’s fall?

It’s been a little bit amusing to see how with the start of school, everything changes overnight. It’s been really warm here, but I saw a girl in tights with an ear flap hat today and more than a few people with jackets and jeans and new boots.

Certain sounds – like crickets, the rustle of leaves and flocks of red winged blackbirds; smells – like fennel, coriander and ripe tomatoes; signs of change – like golden brown grass and fawns nearly void of spots as their winter coats start to fill in… so many little observations form to create a feeling almost like nostalgia for me in these late summer days. I’m not quite ready for fall yet, but once it truly arrives I’m sure I will be. For now we’re still cooking outside, eating outside, and being outside whenever we can. There are still camping trips to take and cold swims to be had.


It’s hard to let go of summer.

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  1. erin

    yes to all of this never-ending summer love! we feel it too! swam in the lake today, still in shorts and keens and still enjoying the fruits of the garden. xoxo

    keep soaking it up, abby, it will help us through once real fall comes, here, about november. 🙂

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