birthday sale

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i n f u s i o n turned 2 years old today! And in other exciting news, we reached 900 sales this week. To celebrate, I am offering 10% off all purchases from the shop.

When you place your order, you can either wait for a revised invoice, or you can go ahead and make your payment and I will then send a refund for the difference.

Huge thanks to all my customers for making this such a successful and fun couple of years.

(about the rose. That rose is the first to bloom this year. Hard to believe. A birthday rose! And a deer  (we think) has already eaten it!)

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  1. Valerie

    happy 2nd blog anniversary Abby !!
    congratulations for hitting 900 in your shop and to many many more !
    I’m home now, ready for the grey bag whenever you are… 901 😀

  2. margie oomen

    what an amazing two years your shop has had
    so many gorgeous things you have designed , created and sold.
    I am so happy to be one of your many totally satisfied customers
    wishing you the best year ever and judging by the early treasures in you garden I am sure it will be just that

  3. tahene

    Hey Abracadabra ~
    CHEERS TO 2 YEARS of Kick Butt Sassy Seamstressing! With toes on the ground … fingers of finess … a mellifluous being merges *


  4. woolbrain

    Happy day …whoops I’m a little late ..but still Happy All to you:) I found your site from Etsy when you were a featured seller and I have enjoyed looking at your lovely work and pictures. I hope it is okay that I have a link to your site from my blog 🙂
    Be Happy To Day 🙂
    thanks from

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