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My entry into the new year was fairly uneventful, in a way that seemed just right. We spent the whole of new year’s eve day rearranging our house and doing some needed deeper cleaning. It was fun and satisfying and really brought me back into being an active and present part of my home life again (as opposed to being a sewing robot). We had meant to go to a party, but by the time evening rolled around we were pretty enrolled in our project. It seemed totally perfect waking up on new year’s day to a fresh house and feeling freshly inspired.

This year I didn’t make a list of resolutions (although I don’t usually do this any year), but I did make one. I resolve to bring a balance back to my life; a balance between work and play (and rest), time and money, computing and real life… We have started setting some time aside every morning, to just ‘tune in’ – be still, clear out extra noise, set new intentions, clarify our direction, and just generally take some time outside of the demands of the day-to-day, to check in. We used to do this on a regular basis. It was just built in and part of things. There is a really awesome momentum that builds when you do this consistently, over a length of time. It’s awesome (yes, I said it again!). I highly recommend giving it a try.

I have a lot of ideas for infusion this year, which I’m feeling really excited about. I’ve been making lists and sketching designs, and I’ve already started putting a few of these ideas in motion. I look forward to sharing  in new, creative ways as well, so we’ll see what comes of that.

Even though in some ways, January 1st is just another day, it can be helpful to have a symbolic new beginning to set needed changes in motion. If anyone feels to share, I’d love to hear any of the things you resolve to do or change this year (or day, week, or even decade).

And speaking of new, those chocolate plaid house shoes should be appearing in the shop any day now and those baby tears, wow, they are in a new found state of vegetative bliss.

See you soon. xo

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  1. Jenny Lee Fowler

    We also moved furniture about and cleaned in the New Year. It felt so right and is eddying off into other little transitions. Sometimes balance comes in full swings. It’s nice to be in this part of the year– reckoning and reimagining. During an especially busy mothering period, I used to draw a line on the floor with my hand when I got out of bed and state an intention. There is something special in that kind of connecting with yourself and with others. I’ll be walking into this afternoon with the image of your rowboat.

  2. Ellen

    I loved reading about your morning ‘tune-in’. How long do you take for this process? Is it quiet thinking, talking or writing things down or a combination? I need to do this too!

    • infusionfibers

      Ellen, Thank you! We usually spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the day and the tune-in. There is usually an effort not to do a lot of thinking, but instead to quiet all the noise, stop that tune running through your head, stop the incessant thinking. This can be a big practice in itself sometimes. A lot can happen from a fully quiet, still space. Sometimes we focus on health – taking note of any symptoms, bringing energy to those areas, clearing out those areas, sensing for foods or herbs that might be supportive. Sometimes we work on perception, and practice looking at something (a situation, a person, a problem) from different parts of ourselves. If a certain part is hard to access that can be worked on as well. There really are endless possibilities as to what to explore and sense and heal, as we are incredibly vast creatures, often tapping in to only a very small part of ourselves from day to day.

  3. marri

    wonderful post. i don’t practice tuning in often enough – really, just on the weekends, and i need it more desperately during week days!

    i don’t set resolutions either, but i really want to set aside more time for designing this year. my office life has become hectice and 2010 will be utterly nuts, but i need to find time to find myself in my own art, to balance business and creativity.

  4. Julia

    Happy new year to you! I completely know what you mean about needing to set time aside to just be still – it’s really important and then it helps you appreciate everything else around you afterwords. Excited to see the new things you have in store for your shop 🙂

  5. joanie

    Abby, sounds like a wonderful New Year to me. Your home is looking beautiful and calm – like you. I love your plaid shoes too, they are scrummy.
    My husband takes a lot of “tune-in” time, I have tried to make the same commitment, but perhaps have chosen the wrong times. First thing in the morning sounds right, before the babble of the house begins and it’s just me and the birds. I shall endeavor to take your advice and let you know how I get on.
    I hope to see many more of your serene images in 2010, they’re a breath of fresh air, Happy New Year 🙂

  6. Julie Alvarez

    (I have a feeling that I might be growing baby tears inside my new home, in a crate. I love how they look!)
    I like that tuning thing. I do that often, when not everyday. Maybe less time, because little girls need a lot of attention and our time, you know? (Sigh.) But still…
    In the midst of all this chaos from (you know it) booking, selling, packing, moving, planning… etc. there’s a lot of anxiety and fears for me.
    So these days specially, I am trying to keep myself in a low key, meditating, not moving too fast, starting the day with a few excercises in and out of bed. Just a little few, really. But good for me.
    Then, I take the royal jelly, polen, and now also a tea made with honey and cinnamon, before breakfast. All that makes for a good start of my days.
    My resolution for this year is just to open my mind and heart to change, and go along with it, making the best out of it, and giving my best too. Focus on emotional and physical health, mine and my family’s.
    Thanks for sharing this, Abby.

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