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The Longitude Case is back in stock. At long last. I had so many requests for this case before the new year and if any of you reading were one of those inquirers, thank you so much for your patience. They are now available in this beautiful fudge brown leather. This leather is very soft and supple, and has a nice full weight. They have been updated with antiqued brass zippers, in place of the nylon zips I’ve used in the past. You can find them here.

This week we took a trip to the ‘big’ city of Eugene for a few supplies, including hardwood and leather. We finished our day with beers at Ninkasi Brewing, followed by dinner and live music by Left Coast Country at Sam Bond’s Garage. It was a pretty fun night and we went home feeling like we’d made a few friends. At one point we discovered that 2 different sets of people had left their tabs open to buy us rounds of drinks. So kind! Is it the moon? Our irresistible charm? 😉

If I have time I’d like to share a little tour soon of the colorful, historic Whiteaker neighborhood, which has changed so much over the years. I love funky, diverse neighborhoods like it.


I was fortunate to find some great pieces of leather on our trip, including a huge, full hide of veg tan, and a couple large pieces of chocolatey brown leathers. I can’t wait to start sewing some bags with them. And shown at the top is a heavier European veg tan. That toasty brown color must be a result of the particular tannins used in traditional European vegetable tanning. It is unmistakable to me.

Is there anything in particular you guys would like to see in the shop? I’d love to hear if you have any requests.

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  1. Nicole

    Hi Abby,

    Have you ever thought of making a leather backpack? That would definitely be something I’d be interested in!

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