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A few recent visitors.

Ah, springtime. There is so much life around us!








Some notes, for my own seasonal reference:

The swainson’s thrush have returned. We heard the first songs of the season last night, May 16, and a few of it’s peeps the night before.

The bullfrogs are back since just last week. And the spring peepers are still going strong.

Mosquitos are out, but not as thick I thought they would be after such a warm, wet winter.

The numbers and kinds of birds in and passing through our yard seems exceptional.

Of note, a pair of barn swallows showed up the other day and sat with our nesting tree swallows before leaving again. This is the first time we have seen barn swallows in the yard.

A pair of wood ducks visited recently. A first in our yard.

The osprey is back in the area, but for the first time since we’ve lived here is not nesting in the dead tree across the cove, so our sightings are fewer.

A bald eagle visits our cove this spring. We have seen it more in the past few weeks than in all the years we’ve lived here.

We hear a northern saw-whet owl most every night.

It’s warm, with cool nights still. Foxglove is flowering, and has been for a couple weeks. Seems very early for foxglove. Many early blooms this year.

First swim this year, May 1 🙂



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