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I have been busy busy completing an order for a store in New York. If any of you are near Hudson, in upstate New York, visit KOSA! You will find a nice selection of infusion bags in some great fall/winter colors. And, it just so happens that this store is just a few hops south of where my mom grew up. I still have a few relatives up there (everyone else came out west!). I am hoping they will visit and even take some photos for me… (yes, this is a hint Mark and Colleen : )

I wish the lighting had been better as I did have fun photographing this, but not as much fun editing the images. They seem a bit muddy, to me. We have a big tropical storm making it’s way here. Balmy, cloudy, rainy and with wind to come. I’m getting off topic though…

Throughout the week I will be posting new items in my shop, including some new Pintucked bags, if all goes well.

(PS For those of you who have been patiently waiting, yes there WILL be a choosing of the name for this bag. I promise!)

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