I N F U S I O N  began in 2008, in a move to bring the balance of creativity back into my life. I set out with a goal to work for myself in a way that fully nurtured my creative side. I had high expectations and no expectations at all. I felt free and open to see where I could go.

Within a year infusion became a successful full time business, and it has been growing ever since. I am self taught and am continually learning new techniques and new skills. The development of infusion has been a truly organic process. I love that about being self-employed; the possibilities of what one can create, know, do, explore… they are limitless.

Through collaboration with my husband and the inclusion of further skills, we have recently begun to expand our collection of canvas and leather bags and wallets, to include a selection of housewares, wood goods and a small line of products for self care and product care.

In life I live lightly, harmlessly and peacefully. I appreciate simplicity, and am naturally drawn toward natural and organic materials. When I source materials, I hold in mind what I would want to handle, what it took to bring it to the point of it’s existence, how it will endure through time, and where it will end up at the end of it’s life (hopefully it will gracefully decompose).


I N F U S I O N  has been featured in some great publications, including Whole Living and Country Living Magazine. The support and enthusiasm infusion has received has been so appreciated, and I thank you for being here!